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BSH slats

High-quality BSH slats – fresh from the sawmill

Are you looking for high-quality BSH slats from a reliable sawmill ? Then you are exactly right here! The production of glued laminated timber lamellas is one of our core tasks.

  • Glulam raw material Si and NSi
  • Fichte
  • fresh or kiln dried

Information on the production of BSH – slats

BSH slats are manufactured in a natural cycle that has its origin and destination in forestry. Sustainable and careful handling of the forest stock, the basic understanding of nature and responsibility for the following generations also characterize the production of glulam slats .

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Our range of timber includes the following product groups: Solid structural timber, KVH – raw material, KVH – raw lamella, S10 slats, laminated truss lamellae, BSH – lamellae, glued laminated timber lamellae, frames, squared timber, rafters, binder wood (nailed plates), wedge planks, slats, Board goods in 18 and 24 millimeters, rough tongue, pallet and packaging timber.


BSH slats production


Glued laminated timber lamellas (BSH lamellas for short) are woods that have been glued from at least three board layers in the same fiber direction.


For the production, solid wood is first dried, planed and finger-jointed lengthwise to form slats. Particular care must be taken during the gluing process. The proportion of adhesive in the final product is then less than 1% and the adhesives used comply with ÖNORM EN 301.


Use of BSH

Glued laminated timber is particularly suitable for the roof construction in residential buildings. Since it consists of dried wood, cracking is significantly less than with solid wood.


Also amazing is the high load-bearing capacity of glulam in the event of fire, because unlike steel, wood is not temperature-dependent. While the wood slowly burns from the outside inwards, forming a protective layer of charcoal, the steel girder simply buckles.

Technical regulations

The following technical regulations apply to BSH slats:

  • ÖNORM EN 301 describes the use of adhesives for load-bearing wooden components.
  • DIN 1052 specifies the static classes GL24h, GL24c, GL28h, GL32h, GL32c, GL36h, GL36c. GL stands for “Glued Laminated Timber”


Our goal is to bring the BSH slats to you as quickly and effectively as possible. The high production capacity of our sawmill makes it possible to process your orders of almost any size on schedule. Experienced employees who put their heart and soul into it ensure that our customers are always supplied on time. The slats are securely packed and delivered to you in the fastest and most economical way. Our well-stocked warehouses also offer a high level of delivery reliability.

A minimum purchase quantity is not specified, but the orders should always be in proportion to the transport costs.


BSH slats prices

You can get inexpensive glulam slats from us. Since the prices for BSH slats are subject to fluctuations, it is best to ask our employees.