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Construction wood

  • Construction wood NSi
  • Spruce/fir, separated core
  • fresh, slatted or kiln dried



Information on the manufacture of construction timber

Construction wood (solid wood) is manufactured in a natural cycle, which has its origin and destination in forestry. Sustainable and careful handling of the forest stock, the basic understanding of nature and responsibility for the following generations also characterize the production of construction timber .

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General information on construction timber

Solid structural timber (KVH) is a protected product designation for refined construction timber with quality properties that go beyond the requirements of DIN 4074, in accordance with an agreement between the Bund Deutscher Zimmermeister (BDZ).


The increased requirements compared to conventional timber relate in particular to the following criteria:

  • Wood moisture content: The wood moisture content of KVH is firmly defined and is ω = 15 ± 3%. Since this moisture rate is close to the equilibrium moisture content to be expected when installed, the probability of subsequent deformation is minimized. (DIN 4074 allows a wood moisture content of ω = max. 20% for standard timber of quality S10TS. In practice, however, this is often exceeded due to a lack of quality control when the wood is delivered.)
  • Type of incision: Heart-separated incision reduces the formation of shrinkage cracks.
  • Surface finish: planed and chamfered (KVH Si) or leveled and chamfered (KVH NSi). (DIN 4074: rough sawn)