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rough cut lumber prices
rough cut timber
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For the stair industry, indoor constructions, furniture productions, moulding- and flooring producers as well as for gardenfurniture manufacturers we deliver the requested species and dimensions of all kinds of lumber:

From Europe
(kiln dried on fresh)

  • Beech – Boules / Side cuts / lumber in steamed and unsteamed
  • European Oak / Ash / Maple / Cherry / Birch / Alder / Pine / Robinia unedged as well as square edged, planed and in fixed dimensions


From Northern- and Middle America
(kiln dried)

  • Hard Maple – Lumber, Dimensions, Flooring Strips
  • White Oak – Lumber, Dimensions, Flooring Strips
  • Red Oak – Lumber, Dimensions, Flooring Strips
  • White Ash – Lumber, Dimensions, Flooring Strips
  • Black Cherry – Lumber, Dimensions, Flooring Strips
  • Black Walnut – Lumber, Dimensions, Flooring Strips
  • Southern Yellow Pine / Carolina Pine – Lumber
  • Pitch Pine – Lumber


From Southern America (kiln dried)

  • Jatoba – Lumber, square edged
  • Lenga – Lumber


From Asia and Australia (kiln dried and air dried)

  • Ramin – Lumber
  • Meranti – Lumber
  • Merbau – Lumber, Dimensions, Flooring Strips
  • Burma Teak – Lumber, Dimensions, Flooring Strips
  • Eukalyptus – Lumber


From Africa (kiln dried)

  • Sapelli – Boules and Lumber
  • Koto – Lumber

For other species as well as special dimensions and FSC-certified lumber please contact us.

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Lumber (List Lumber)

High-quality lumber – directly from the sawmill

Are you looking for quality lumber from a reliable sawmill ? Then you are exactly right here! The production of construction timber is one of our core tasks.

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Our range of timber includes the following product groups: Solid structural timber, KVH – raw material, KVH – raw lamella, S10 slats, laminated truss lamellae, BSH – lamellae, glued laminated timber lamellae, frames, squared timber, rafters, binder wood (nailed plates), wedge planks, slats, Board goods in 18 and 24 millimeters, rough tongue, pallet and packaging timber.


cutting classes

sawmill offers construction timber in the following cutting classes:

  • Cutting class A
    (Any edges in the entire length, possibly with a wane, measured diagonally no more than 1/8 of the larger cross-section dimension, maximum 10%, last 1/2 meter characteristics of cutting class B)
  • Cutting class B
    (may have wane along all edges, measured diagonally no more than 1/3 of the larger cross-sectional dimension)
  • Cutting class C
    (all sides completely stripped by the saw)
  • cutting class S
    (sharp-edged, without tree edge)

lengths or other lumber not listed here.




Our goal is to get the timber to you as quickly and effectively as possible. The high production capacity of our sawmill makes it possible to process your orders of almost any size on schedule. Experienced employees who put their heart and soul into it ensure that our customers are always supplied on time. The lumber is securely packed and delivered to you in the fastest and most economical way. Our well-stocked warehouses also offer a high level of delivery security.

A minimum purchase quantity is not specified, but the orders should always be in proportion to the transport costs.


quality and manufacture

Our lumber is usually made from spruce or fir wood. The freshly harvested lumber from spruce or fir is of the best quality. The timber , with the load-bearing capacity according to DIN 4074, is approved for use as timber for load-bearing purposes, such as roof trusses.


Spruce lumber

Spruce timber is reddish or yellowish-white, light, soft, easy to split and work with. It is stronger and more resinous than fir wood. The wood is easier to saw crosswise than lengthwise. Although the knots are more numerous than on fir, they are less conspicuous and are firmly embedded in the wood. Spruce wood and fir wood are equivalent for use as lumber.

Fir lumber

The construction timber made of fir is simple and long-fibred, light, elastic, almost resin-free, easy to split and to process. The color of the wood is white with a yellowish or reddish tinge. Fir trees that have grown in dense tree populations have wood with few branches. This makes it particularly suitable for cut goods. The dark knots are a distinguishing feature to spruce wood.

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With us you get inexpensive construction timber. As lumber prices are subject to fluctuations, it is best to ask our staff .