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Quality noise for your building projects

Rauspunde are planed at the front and leveled at the back. The long side has tongue and groove. The production of high quality spruce, fir and pine wood is one of our main tasks. Ideal for all your indoor building projects as well as for horticulture.

Product Details:

  • Material: spruce, fir and pine
  • For the non-visible area
  • Produced from sideboard
  • dried and leveled with tongue and groove
  • Federmaße: 21 x 121 mm, 21 x 146 mm, 24 x 121 mm und 24 x 146 mm

Nordic & German Rauspund

The Nordic Rauspund is only available in English foot lengths (feet) and is therefore somewhat more difficult to plan, since conversion to the metric system is always necessary. Our German variant, on the other hand, is produced in half a meter and is therefore ideally calculable. In general, you will often find different terms such as raw size, feather size or coverage width when measuring the dimensions.

raw measure

The raw size is the original size of the raw board before drying and planing. Sometimes it is also called incision size.

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