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supply squared timber

High-quality squared timber – fresh from the sawmill

Are you looking for high-quality squared timber from a reliable sawmill ? Then you are exactly right here! The production of square timber for storage is one of our core tasks.

supply squared timber characteristics

  • spruce / fir / pine
  • Cutting class A/B
  • fresh, slatted
  • Dimensions: 6 x 12 cm / 8 x 12 cm / 8 x 16 cm / 10 x 10 cm / 10 x 12 cm / 12 x 12 cm
  • Lengths: 4 – 5 m with accruing VL 3 and 3.5 m moving along

Squared timber is usually made from weak round timber, usually in one piece, but also as half timber, depending on the dimension. Squared lumber is mainly used as shoring or civil engineering squared timber in canal and road construction on almost every construction site.

The above dimensions are part of the standard program in our sawmill. However, special cuts are also possible with us.


Information on the production of supply squared timber

Squared timber is produced in a natural cycle that has its origin and destination in forestry. Sustainable and careful handling of the forest stock, the basic understanding of nature and responsibility for the following generations also characterize the production of squared timber .

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Our range of squared timber includes the following product groups: Solid structural timber, KVH – raw material, KVH – raw lamella, S10 slats, laminated beam lamellae, BSH – lamellae (glulam lamellae), frames, squared timber, spare rafters, binder wood (nailed plates), wedge planks, slats , board goods in 18 and 24 millimeters, rough tongue, pallet and packaging timber.



Square timber for storage is usually made from weak round timber and is usually produced in one stem. Depending on the dimension, it is also made of half wood.


Use of squared timber

Squared timber is also traditionally referred to as civil engineering or shoring timber. Mostly it is used for road and canal construction and almost every construction site as timber.

Technical data and regulations

The following technical regulations apply to supply squared timber:

types of wood

cutting classes




Spruce, fir, pine

A, B

6x12cm / 8x12cm / 8x16cm / 10x10cm / 10x12cm / 12x12cm

4 – 5m with resulting VL 3 and 3.5 m

according to TG or DIN 4074*

*DIN 4074 describes the sorting of wood according to its load-bearing capacity


Our goal is to bring the squared timber to you as quickly and effectively as possible. The high production capacity of our sawmill makes it possible to process your orders of almost any size on schedule. Experienced employees who put their heart and soul into it ensure that our customers are always supplied on time. The slats are securely packed and delivered to you in the fastest and most economical way. Our well-stocked warehouses also offer a high level of delivery reliability.

A minimum purchase quantity is not specified, but the orders should always be in proportion to the transport costs.


Stock square timber prices

You can get inexpensive glulam slats from us. Since the prices for BSH slats are subject to fluctuations, it is best to ask our employees.